An interesting Friday evening....

druidchick and I went to Tabu for their annual NCSF (The National Coalition for Sexual Freedom) fundraiser last night. It was like a cross between a strip club and Otakon (although everyone was over the age of 21). We left when they started with the suspension exhibition.
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Ok, its been awhile...

Just a quick update to what has been going on....

Last weekend was the 1 year anniversary of my younger brother, Nelson, death. The family surprised my step-mother by decending on the house for the weekend. Lots of laughing, crying and general grandchildren mayhem.

Got the 2 foot crack in my windshield fixed by a company in the Durham, NC area (we were going to my dad's house in Roxboro, NC anyways).

Celebrated being smoke-free for 1 year.

Had a stupid experience with Dell while purchasing druidchick new computer.

I'm sure there is more, but I can't think of it....
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New TV show..

If you did not have the chance, I can recommed the new crime-drama, 'Castle' starring Nathan Fillion (Mal-Firefly/Serenity). druidchick and I watched it and even though it is cut from the same formula as 'The Mentalist, Eleventh Hour, Fringe, etc' it was still enjoyable to watch. The story was good, the writing is good and the cast was a lot of fun to watch.

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F*ck you Mr. Murphy...

Un-f*cking believable......

Got my state tax refund on Friday and wouldn't you know it, I accidently put a crack in my windshield while changing the wiper blades on Saturday....

I can't win....grrrrrrr

I know that in the great scheme of things, this isn't all that devestating or important, but damnit, for once I would like to be able to keep the little extra money I make.
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A true WTF moment...

So, it was druidchick birthday on Wednesday and we had not made any plans to celebrate other than Saturday (sushi at Sushi King) so I had tentative made plans to get take a 'friend' out on Thursday. Well, druidchick and I were talking about the upcoming week last Sunday and she tells me that she 'might' want to go out on Thursday as a part of her birthday celebration.

Well, when I tell my 'friend' that I 'may' have to change our plans, at first she seems ok with it and makes alternate plans. Well, when Thursday rolls around and it's looking like druidchick is probably not going to go, all of a sudden my 'friend' gets pissy and finally goes ballistic because I apparently allowed druidchick to control my life by changing our plans on her whim (never mind the fact that my 'friend' cannot go anywhere without getting her husbands permission first even though he 'supposedly' does not care what she does).

After a few rounds via email, she basically tells me that I should have told druidchick that I could not take her out on Thursday as part of her birthday because I had already made other plans and since her birthday was Wednesday, it technically was no longer her birthday...

Holy Sh*t, WTF!!!!

Needless to say, I was so livid I couldn't see straight and I have not talked to my 'friend' since then and have no plans to ever talk to her again. I have forgiven and overlooked some of the crazy things she has done in the past, but she has crossed the line of death this time.
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I was in my bathroom getting ready for work, listening to the wind howl outside and got a sudden flashback to my period camping experience in Rio, West Virginia....

Shiver Me Timbers!!!!!!
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